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This is a record of the life and times of Alex Bennett from 1991 to the present. It contains most episodes.   If you like Alex, you'll enjoy it.  If not, just consider it a tribute to a tremendous ego.

Note: #3 is not being made available and #9 was a shorter version of #10 without photos from the past.

Episode 1: Of Toasters, Trekkies and Topeka

Alex and the gang head off to do their show from Topeka, Kansas for the annual Newtek Christmas party.  Along the way they meet up with James Doohan (Scottie frokm "Star Trek"and Brad Carvey (the real Garth) with a special appearance by "Lurch".

Episode 2: Alp Wanted

Alex and the show travel to Albertville, France for the 1982 Winter Olympics dragging along comedian Bobby Slayton, the loudest American ever to hit the Alps.

Episode 4: No Clemency For The Wood Alex and a group of merry pranksters invade "Burning Man".  Included in this third trip there by Alex and his friend Paul is Joel Hodgeson (MST3000), Brad Carvey (the real Garth) and the gang from what was then Play Inc.  There's fire and flesh in abundance and the  next best thing to being there.

Episode 5: Bulls In A China Shop


Alex and pals Steve and Adrienne invade London and the old town will take a long time to recover from the onslaught.

Episode 6: Dead Artists And A Dead Princess

Join Alex for a tour of Paris just a week after the death of Princess Di.  You'll see some of the greatest paintings in the world and see Paris by night as he and his friend Kathleen hit the road through Europe.

Episode 7: It Really Doesn't Matterhorn

In this incredible episode, Alex and his pal Kathleen visit a city with no cars, but one huge identifiable mountain called the Matterhorn.  So why not yodel along!

Episode 8: Beauty and the Bee

It's down into Italy and a visit to Lake Cuomo and then to the French Riviera with Monte Carlo, Cannes and The Bees.

The Bolo Chronicles:
Episode 10: Ibiza Now and Then

Join Alex as he visits this magic island off the coast of main land Spain which has held a fascination for him since he first visited it in 1975.  Here he compares the Ibiza of today with photographs taken on that first trip years ago.

The Bolo Chronicles 11: Return To Fire Island

Join Alex and his friends as they spend the weekend with the Grubergs at their home in Fire Island

The Bolo Chronicles 12 "San Francisco 2006"


Go with Alex as he sees his best friends featuring critic Michael Snyder

The Bolo Chronicles 13
"California 2007"

Alex and "Girlfriend" hit the left coast and start in LA with a visit to the Davids' (Bruce and Wendy).   Then it's on to San Francisco Alex's birthplace.

The Bolo Chronicles 14
"Please Belize Me"

Alex and Girlfriend Go To Belize and get a healthy tan and meet a couple that just weren't meant to be