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Over the years, Alex Bennett has interviewed almost every major American Icon.  Here are some of those interviews and more with a tribute to what was the world's greatest radio station.

Interview Archives

Once again we are posting the John and Yoko Interview

Sam Kinison  A comedic genius with a touch of the devil and believe it or not, a touch of God.  His  morphing of morality into comedy is (short of Lenny Bruce) without peer.  He is missed!
Larry Flynt-The  publisher of "Hustler" Magazine talks about  his life and ongoing fight against the right.
President Jimmy Carter


Jay Leno He succeeded Carson as host of the tonight show and here he talks about hiding in a closet at NBC to save his job.
Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco love him, hate him, but you gotta respect him.  This interview will grab you. One of Alex's best.

A Tribute To KSFO

The Worlds Greatest Radio Station

The Movie Makers

Robin Williams is without doubt the most consistently successful comic actors of our time. Here he does what he always manages to do, get some gut level laughs.

John Waters is America's offbeat son.  Directing his brand of weirdness for over 30 years, he has put on the screen, visions well beyond what was considered proper and thus kept films honest.  Every Indie film maker owes their freedom to John.

Adam Sandler known as one of the top film comics to arrive in the late '90's, Adam is a Box office darling even with films his critics hate.  A very funny man, he is no less funny in this interview with Alex.

Kim Novak is one of the true goddesses of the American screen.  An Icon of the '50's, here she talks about her collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock in the making of an all time classic, "Vertigo" and gives us some inside scoop.

Tony Curtis Once just another pretty boy, Tony proved them all wrong and went on to become one of the screen's finest actors distinguishing himself in such films as "Spartacus", "The Boston Strangler" and "The Defiant Ones".

Jack Nicholson and Bob Raffelson What a duo.  This interview done in 1974 discusses their release of "King Of Marvin Gardens".  Jack also talks about the early Corman years and his politics at the time.

John Woo may well be the finest new director to appear on the world scene since Martin Scorcese.  With his Hong Kong films such as "The Killer" and "A Better Tomorrow", he took the typical actioner and turned it into a ballet of cinema.

Jackie Chan is the most popular movie star in the world. He took the "Chop Saki" formula of Hong Kong film making and turned it on its head. Part Buster Keaton and part Bruce Lee, his films are the most entertaining action pictures made.


The Music Makers

Wendy O. Williams  on stage the queen of chaos. Off stage, one of the nicest people you'd ever want to know.  We miss her and we  will never forget her.

X-Rated Stars

Christy Canyon   She's beautiful, has a killer figure and is a porn legend.  More than that, she's a nice person to know.

Ginger Lynn Allen a very brave lady, who stood up for principal and paid a high price.  It's the incredible story of a fascinating lady.

Asia Carrera  one of the most popular and famous of her generation, and she is a member of MENSA and played Carnegie Hall.

Mimi Miyagi  A staple of the adult film market for years now, she bares her soul.


Kumisha Amado  what happens here has become a legendary moment from the Bennett program.  "Put it where the sun don't shine" aptly describes this interview.