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Yeah... sure we know it's Radio Free Jack, but a little video never hurt anyone.

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"Scraps: CES '98"

Alex, Steve and the gang found themselves in Las Vegas for the ConsumerElectronics Show.   Forget the electronics they are all passť by now, we're showing you the Adult Consumers show and all its madness and breasts.....lots and lots of breasts.

Recently Uncovered Footage

"Live 105 Scraps"

A day at the Live105 show in San Francisco
in its heyday with the crew and musical performances by Mojo Nixon and "They Might Be Giants"

"Please Belize Me"

Alex's and Girlfriend Go To Belize



Comedy Video

Over the years, Alex Bennett has had virtually every major comedy star on  his programs.  Here is video of some of those we managed to tape.

Jerry Seinfeld

Bobby Slayton

Bob Rubin
Dana Gould
Warren Thomas
Jim Carrey
Greg Proops
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Here's A Sight You Never Thought You'd See!!!
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"Gee, on Friday I was an out of work bum and by the following Thursday a political pundit on Fox"


Alex's Reel from "Log On TV"


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